DIY Magazine Bead Necklaces

neck This project is from Mary Ann Kohl's book, Good Earth Art: Environmental Art for Kids .           I loved it because it was so so easy and the girls got really into it, spending almost an hour rolling beads.

Here's the scoop:

1. On a magazine page or newspaper, at the top of the page, mark off 1 inch intervals with a ruler.

2. On the other side of the page, mark off 1 inch intervals beginning at 1/2 inch.

3. Connect the lines to make long skinny triangles (see my picture above for illustration).

4. Cut out the triangles.

5. Wind the wide end of the triangle around something skinny – we used kabob skewers but you could also use toothpicks or maybe even a twig.

6. Place glue on the rest of the triangle and roll tightly.

7. Let dry then lace on cord or string.

8. Wear as a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Easy peasy. roll kids The kids actually wear these. Even 6.5 year old F, who scorns most of my ideas regarding fashion. cut     At 2 years old, T couldn't master the rolling of the paper, so I let him use scissors (his favorite new "toy") to cut up the rest of the magazine.


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