Bucket of Fun

In the past, packing for the beach for me entailed, bathing suits, a few dresses and skirts, a beach chair, a towel and some sunscreen…let's just say that I was a bit more thoughtful this time around…

In the event of rain, extreme heat, dislike of the beach or the ocean, or just because we needed a little bit of down time…I wanted to make sure that we had some things to keep us occupied, thus the bucket of fun!  Packed into the bucket of fun were some lacing cards, playing cards, bubbles, punch balloons, air dry clay, coloring books and crayons, and a bag full of crafty stuff like pipe cleaners, foam stickers, sticky eyes, clothespins and mini popsicle sticks.  We were fortunate enough to have rain only after dark each night that we were there.  Also, as it turns out, Violet loves the beach (but we weren't too concerned about that since ladybug girl loves the beach).  But, it was hot and there were a few moments of inside time where we were able to pull some things out of the bucket of fun…we made some clothespin people, some popsicle stick people, some shell necklaces and bracelets and crowns, and some clay sculptures.








While much of the time these little feet were playing in the sand…


the little hands were happy to have a little crafting to do…even at the beach.  So, while the bucket of fun did take up a bit of space in the car, in the end it was worth it, especially because now we have a fun new ornament to hang on our Christmas tree this year!

Post by Jane : Buzzmills

  • marta

    Must remember to make a bucket of fun for our vacay in July! I normally just bring books, coloring books and crayons. I really love the idea of making clay sculptures with items found on the beach – great way to remember your trip. Thanks!!