Initiative Chore Board

The idea of a “chore-board” or “star chart” or whatever you called it while growing up is not new.  But, one of the things I learned as a teacher is that kids understand directions and expectations much better when they see actual pictures of what the appropriate behavior looks like…especially if they are the ones in the pictures modeling the action.  So, that’s the different twist I put on this chore board. And….on top of this board helping to encourage initiative in your children, it’s a fun thing to do together…especially the picture taking part!

What you need:

  • A magnetic white board
  • Colored masking tape (I order mine on Etsy through a shop called Wonderland Room)
  • Magnetic sheets that are compatible with printers
  • Letter stickers and any other stickers that you like to decorate with
  • A camera
  • A printer
  • A willing child who loves to model appropriate behavior


Step 1:

Figure out what you’d most like your child to work on when it comes to getting things done.  Obviously, the younger the kid, the easier the tasks.  My little girl is tiny, so we focused on things like putting away toys and putting on your own shoes.  But the possibilities are endless….

  • Making your bed
  • Putting away dishes
  • Taking out the trash
  • Reading a book
  • Doing your homework
  • Practicing the piano
  • Raking leaves
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning the bathtub
  • Unloading groceries
  • Folding laundry
  • Playing with your little brother
  • Walking the dog

All of these are fun things you can pose for pictures.  And be silly with it.  It’s part of the fun.

Step 2:

Transfer your pictures to a document on your computer and play around with them to make them look cool.  I added a color border to each of mine and labeled what was happening in the pictures.  Then, I printed them out on my magnetic sheets (available at Office Depot) and cut them out.

2 2nd

Step 3:

Divide up your magnetic white-board with the colored masking tape.  I made one column for each day of the week.


Step 4:

Decorate the board with letters for each day of the week and some cool stickers.  If your kids are old enough let them help too.  I gave Georgia one sticker to put on the board and she was content to just stick it on her leg over and over….so I moved on without her.



Step 5:

Use it!  Show your kids how to move their pictures from one day to the next every time they finish one of their “pictures.”


Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses

  • Kyle Kelly

    I plan on doing this with my son this up coming weekend, if I take pictures ill email them over.