Mini Fabric Lamps


One of the very first things I ever "pinned" were these "Lamp Shades on a String" from Rebeccas DIY. They have been on my to-make list for months. When I first found this little project, it was only written in Swedish but I think she has an English version now. These are so cute and actually really fun to make, Finn even helped me a little :) I love a simple project, and one that uses scraps.

What you need:

 Fabric Scraps, Lights, Mod Podge and Clear Cups


Then you need holes in your cups…



Iron all of your scraps and then start cutting. I have a template HERE if you are using the same cups (9oz Hefty Brand).You can also always find any of my templates under the "freebies" tab.



Cover your cups with the Mod Podge and wrap fabric around. The template is cut for a little excess fabric and I just used more Mod Podge on that little lip.




Let them dry…


Push the lights into the holes.


Here is a little PSA: I posted a project about a year ago that involved tealights in a metal container near plastic and some commenters thought I had a death wish or something.                 I thought "its just a tealight people" and obviously I am always around when I burn candles.       I write a craft blog not a manual on life…but if this project isn't for you, just don't make it and as always please be safe :)


The best part… plug them in, yay!


Look where they live now




I love them, I want to make some for every single room. Stay tuned later this week for a very ModPodge-tastic giveaway that I know you will LOVE!!


Post by Taylor Urban :


  • Kerry

    This is so sweet! Can’t wait to try it…you could use old baby clothes as well for a nursery or play room…p.s I agree with you on the safety issue…really! t-lights and mini lights!

  • hip baby clothes

    Oh I absolutely LOVE this! Gorgeous!!

  • Bree

    Love Love Love the idea! I have all of my cups done with their fabric. However, I dont seem to have theright drill bit size. What did you use? I dont want to break the cups or the lights when trying to pop them on. Help!

    Thank you for the great idea!! It adorable and is going to look awesome on our deck.


  • Carmen Sanchez

    Just got an early Christmas present from my husband: a mini drill!! Can wait to use it on this project.

  • cheap jersey

    Love love love the idea! I have finished all of my cup and their fabric. However, I don’t seem to correct bit size. How do you use? I don’t want to break the cup or light when trying to pop them. Help!
    Thank you for your good idea! !It is lovely to our deck looks great.
    Cloth lisa