DIY Q-Tip Printmaking

top Lots of printmaking ideas have circulated the blogosphere lately. I read about q-tip printmaking on Under the Pecan Tree and figured this activity would work well with all three kids, even almost-three-year old T. On the upside, the kids loved creating pictures in the paint and getting messy. On the downside, only P's prints turned out. P also kept her paint layer the thinnest, so I think that's the trick. Eventually the whole project turned into finger painting, which was fine with me.

Here's the scoop:

1. Use a roller brush to THINLY spread paint on a long pan (we used Biocolor Paint, after hearing so many wonderful things about it from Not-So-SAHM).

2. Draw a picture in the paint using q-tips

3. Press a sheet of paper (we chose heavy watercolor paper) onto the picture

4. Voila! you have a print. draw The great part about this project is that you can keep reusing the same paint and pan – just roll over your last design and start a new one. print

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