Inspiration to Room – Natural Science


I’m crazy about the mix of natural materials, muted colors and vintage science elements in this bedroom. While this is an adult’s room, I think it’s the perfect recipe for a boy’s room.          Here’s how I’d put it all together.

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By Sarah Culbertson

Once upon a time a fashion plate from Seattle met a childrens retailer from Chicago, and it was love at first sight.  After spending a lot of time together at the mall, they both knew it was a perfect match. So Sarah packed up her fabulous Kate Spade suitcase and headed for the Windy City. Where they lived happily ever after, designing and developing textiles for little kiddos everywhere.  

DIY Wooden Growth Chart

For some time now, I've been pinning and eyeing extra-large ruler projects like this. I love the simple wooden decor and the whimsical addition of a giant ruler to your house. But I didn't think it really made a lot of sense to put one of these in our home until David and I had a bambino who's growth we could measure along the way. 

And now that we do have a baby (almost) on board at the Ten June house? Oh yeah.


This project was really simple. I grabbed an old wooden board from our scrap wood pile in the basement. If you don't have any scrap wood available, you can pick up a board from your local hardware store. I grabbed a piece of wood that was completely beat up and had white paint all over it, just because I wanted to give this project a completely rustic effect.


I'm lucky in that my board was already stained, but you could stain or paint yours easily.

I measured the board and penciled off tick marks for every inch. I decided to start the board at one foot, so that I could eventually hang the piece on the wall, slightly off the ground. I'll just need to remember to always hang it so that the bottom is exactly one foot above the floor. Makes sense to me!


I was thrilled to be able to break out my non-toxic craft paint for this project (one of the biggest things I miss since I've become pregnant is painting!). As you can see, I almost haphazardly painted ivory lines over each of the tick marks. I wanted this project to be fun and rustic, not too formal.

My initial thought was to create my own stencils to paint the numbers on the growth chart (just because I freehanded the tick marks doesn't mean I could freehand the numbers and have them actually resemble numbers, ha!), just like I did with my DIY rustic wooden board sign. But then I got lazy realized I had some old chipboard stickers I could use and they'd be a heck of a lot easier cuter than any stencil I made. So a coat of ivory craft paint went over the chipboard stickers and… voila! Automatic ruler numbers.



And that's all she wrote, folks. Easy peasy project, right?

Right now, our new growth chart ruler is leaning against the wall in our office (and clearly it was hanging out in the breakfast room for awhile, too). Once we find a final location for it (the nursery?), I'll screw in a bracket to the back so we can basically hang it like a heavy picture frame. 


I just love the big ol' ruler's rustic look. I can picture all of us crowded around it one day, measuring our growing little man and his siblings. Functional + sentimental art… I love it!


PS. Since I've been hanging on for dear life to Picnik, this was my first post that I edited photos via PicMonkey… not too shabby!

Post by Michelle : Ten June

Top 10 Accessories For Dorm Rooms

Here’s my top 10 picks for a dorm room for guys:


1) Clip this on your desk before you pull another all nighters. Clip Lamp, $29 2) Stock up on these wire storage accessories to keep books and school supplies organized. Down to the Wire Storage Collection, $24.95-&79 3) This no-fuss laundry hamper has a masculine tweed fabric he’ll love. Load Bearing Single Laundry Hamper, $35. 4) A navy floor seat is perfect for late-night video gaming or extra seating for get-togethers. Pull Up a Pouf, $129 5) Stash away extra clothes and shoes in these plaid bins. Buffalo Check Storage Collection, $24.95-$49 6) Graphic wall art adds a punch of color to the room. Racecar Banner, $69 7) Metal letters are a fun way to express your personality. Magnificent Metal Letters, $34 8) A graphic striped throw keeps you warm and is super-soft too. General Store Blanket, $99 9) Add humor and color to a drab room with this photo-real throw pillow. Midtown Taxi Throw Pillow, $29 10) Tack up photos and notes easily with this space-saving bulletin board. Straight and Narrow Cork Rail, $21.95   And the top 10 accessories for a girls dorm room:


1) Brighten up her desk with these metal storage accessories. I Could’ve Bin a Container, $4.95-$65 2) A glamorous and stylish lamp for late-night study sessions. Modern Clip Lamp, $59 3) Organize small accessories with this vintage-inspired bin. Three-Tier Flea Market Bin, $39 4) Keep extra scarves and socks handy with these funky zig zag baskets. Zig Zag Strapping Baskets, $49 5) You can never have too many throw pillows! The ruching detail adds texture and charm.  Ruched Throw Pillow, $29 6) Add a bit of cleverness and style with these porcelain wall hooks. Doorknob Wall Décor, $69 7) Inexpensive art prints for your ever-changing tastes. Nod Institute of Art Prints, $19.95 8) Desk chairs don’t have to be boring- add some color and style to your desk.  Cheshire Cat Desk Chair, $149 9) Add chicness to an otherwise dull room with this scallop mirror. You Look Mahvelous Mirror, $49 10) Perfect extra seating for when friends come over.  Pull Up a Pouf, $99 By Anna Passadori Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)

DIY Memory {Shoe} Box

This might be my new favorite DIY of all time because of the sentimentality behind it and because it memorializes THEE original PINK SHOES that I believe were a turning point in my life.  Don’t believe me?  Read the story!

But I think that little baby shoes can be significant in any moms life.  They remind us of those early days, the excitement of putting those adorable little sandals, tennis shoes, moccasins, and slippers on our babies feet for the first time.  They’re what we ooooo and ahhhh over at our baby showers and we can hardly resist paying way more money than we should on tempting, novelty footwear for our new ones.

Anyone that has saved some of those cute shoes from those first few years of their child’s life can do this DIY.  And when we look at them hanging in their rooms, in a hallway, in an entryway–wherever you choose to hang them they’ll remind us of simpler days and those first steps that our children took as we loaned them some of our confidence and courage to step out on their own.

Here’s what you need:


  • A DEEP shadow box.  I found mine at Michael’s.  They aren’t the cheapest DIY accessory but if you wait a bit you can probably find one on sale.  The one I found was 40% off, making it around $18.  Take the thickest pair of shoes you’ll be putting in the box with you to make sure you can fit them in there without them looking smushed.
  • Adorable paper and sticker ephemera to decorate the box with.
  • Velcro and glue dots.
  • Background paper for your shadow box.
  • SHOES! I picked three pairs–one from the first three years of Georgia’s life.

Step One:

Lay your shoes out on the background paper.  Once they are in the positions that you want them to be attach Velcro to the bottoms of them and affix them to the paper.  Press hard to make sure they are securely in place.


Here they are….the originals.  My Pink Shoes.




I put both sides of the Velcro onto the bottom of a shoe, removed the paper backing and just stuck it to the paper where I wanted it. It honestly holds very well.  I’m holding my sheet of scrap book paper up below and the shoes are securely in place.  I even wiggled it a few times to make sure.


Step Two:

From here it’s really about decorating the inside of the box the way you want to.  My biggest challenge was that Georgia doesn’t have one drop of pink in her room so I needed to figure out a way to incorporate this display into her room in a way that made sense.  I experimented with different letters, stickers, arrangements, and so on.  I decided on little bunting flags, a few embellishments that matched her room, and a bit of glitter ribbon.




Step Three:

I stuck three large chunks of Velcro and glue dots all over the back of the box backing that my scrap-book paper with the shoes would adhere to.  And then carefully, I took my ‘pink shoes’ display and laid it on top of all the glue and Velcro.


Step Four:

Hang it up!  And step back and admire your work and let all those memories of those pudgy little feet walking in those shoes for the first time come flooding back.



Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses