25 Tips for Hosting a Lemonade Stand

This weekend the girls held their first lemonade stand. It was a family memory to be cherished forever, another event that makes our house a home, and great fun. We are all looking forward to doing it again next year…

Here are my family tips for hosting a lemonade stand:


1.  Involve your kids in the process – planning, buying, making, and setting up

2.  Plan ahead, make signs a few days before, and make lemonade/cookies the day before

3.  Let kids help make the lemonade/cookies

4.  Price it right – we made lemonade 50 cents and $1, and cookies 50 cents for two


5.  Waiting for the first customer is tough

6.  Invite neighbors, family and friends


7.  Make lots of signs to advertise sale

8.  Remember – your kids’ writing is way cuter than yours!


9.  Make real lemonade (note from Nola: have your Daddy make the lemonade)

10.  Add lemon slices to the container

11.  Borrow extra ice from a neighbor

12.  Keep some lemonade cool inside and replenish often

13.  Consider a beverage container with a tap – easier for little hands to pour

14.  Make lemonade ice cubes the day before – they will keep lemonade cool in the sun


15.  Sell more than just lemonade – cookies and/or flowers

16.  Let kids decide on their favorite cookies to make/sell

17.  Include an ingredients list for people with allergies

18.  Keep a trashcan close by

19.  Wear sunscreen


20.  Schedule lemonade stand on a special day – community yard sale, neighborhood  fun run, or farmer’s market

21.  Prepare for success – we made 3 gallons of lemonade and used it all


22.  Remember it is your kids’ stand!

23.  Stay back and let your kids run the show (always be present)

24.  Know when to quit – BEFORE your kids are completely worn out and no longer having fun



Not that it is all about the money… but Nola and Kira made $58!! $58? Yes! I know – CRAZY! After counting the money they pretty much ignored their earnings and focused on stories from the day. We have put the money up and will remind them of it next time they are begging to buy something special.

Here is our lemonade recipe

Post by Helen Bird : www.curlybirds.typepad.com

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