5 Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids

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I have such mixed feelings about kids and the iphone (and adults and the iphone for that matter). One one hand, it seems like one more gadget – like TV and videogames – that hampers imaginative creative play. On the other hand, the iphone really is a waiting room lifesaver (esp. when I have to take all three kids to the doctor or dentist). Oh well, I'll leave it to the experts to hash out the iphone's influence on society and child rearing (which I'll probably read and repost). When my kids do play with the iphone, here are the five apps they fight over the most (and I mean FIGHT).

1. Cakedoodle – This is listed as number one for a reason. Kids find it addictive. The whole game is as simple as making a cake – the iphone lets you squish the bananas, crack the eggs, pour in the vanilla, etc – decorating a cake, and eating a cake. My kids can play for hours, I kid you not. They also fight over who gets to "eat" the imaginary cake, which boggles me. ($0.99)

2. Toca Doctor – Very odd, yet beautiful graphics with intuitive games (no need for written directions). I've heard great things about the other toca games as well, but have yet to download them. ($1.99)

3. Paper Town Friends – This app is so visually stunning that I play it sometimes. It's a paper doll-type game, with gorgeous illustrations of quirky animals (frogs, ducks, monkeys, etc.). ($1.99)

4. Doodlecast for Kids – Draw pictures using different colors and backgrounds. Then a video plays which recorded you drawing. My kids love it. ($1.99)

5. Balloonimals – Beautiful graphics allow kids to create their own balloon animal by blowing, shaking, and moving the phone. ($1.99) What about everyone else?

Any great app recommendations? We're always looking for new ones.

Post by Darcy : bedtimemonsters.blogspot.com

  • http://profile.typepad.com/sugarsails Sugarsails

    You’ve got to give the rest of the Toca games a try! Their whole design philosophy is to make digital toys instead of games. Try the toca hairstyle one, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Vanessa

    Noah’s Memory Match. You can switch between English and Spanish. Super cute, and it exercises your child’s memory. (similar to the classic Memory games I loved as a child, but so much easier to play with my two year old than actually flipping tiles).

  • Jennifer M

    Stack the States. This is a great app that teaches kids all about the US, geography, and state capitals. It’s amazing what my 5 year old now knows!

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    Besides serving as a personal organizer, calendar, bank, camera, store and just about everything under the sun for adults, the iPhone can also function as classroom, motivational tool and a toy for kids with the right apps