Eco-Friendly Moon Painting

What parent doesn't crave an hour of time to catch up on some work or maybe even pick up a book and read?

This craft we call "Moon Painting" is just what you need to open up that hour of freedom. It kept Ryan busy for well over an hour the first time and at least an hour the other two times I put it out for him. Not only is it entertaining, it's easy and eco-friendly. When they are done creating their masterpieces, the mixture can be used to clean out and polish your kitchen sinks or anywhere else needs a little scrub that won't be affected by a bit of food colouring.

All you need is a bar pan, a re-used dropper from essential oils or used up medicine, baking soda, food colouring and vinegar.

Mix up small amounts of food colouring with a splash of white vinegar in pretty hues

Spread an even layer of baking soda across the pan

Have your kiddo suck up the magic moon paint with the dropper and squirt it into the baking soda, it will fizz up and then soak in slightly. There is no right or wrong way to paint the moon and this little activity will surely bring about big smiles and lots of giggles.

Bigsharpmoon (2)

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Post by Kerry MacLeod :

  • Ann Marie Greenberg

    like this a lot

    funny he took his shirt off…totally what my boy would do too

  • kerry macLeod

    Happy Birthday HTN! I shared the contest with my readers. I have to say I love most all of the posts here but I did really love the Magazine Bead Craft post, always wanted to try that with kids but was afraid it was too difficult and it was nice to see the not so perfect work of little hands was still so cute worked as a bead. The fall line is fabulous and I am swooning over the new Camp Quilt!!! best,

    kerry from Snicks

  • Dana VanderLaan

    I am not sure I am posting in the right plae but happy birthday htn! I think my top two post are the fresh herb and goat cheese pasta because I heart goat cheese and the fall preview post!

  • MadisonLee

    Fabulous piece of work..Hope children will love this..Thanks for sharing.

  • Alvin Payne

    Thanks for the eco friendly painting tips kamloops . As this applies to crafts, the ecofriendly paint is also important to use in our infrastructure.