DIY Vintage Paint by Number Mural




(its as easy as it looks)

Find an old school paint by number painting on ebay. Customize it to fit the wall size you're painting (in my case, nursery wall). Break down the colors by hand numbering, matching each to a pantone chip to assign the palette. Take your pantone colors to the paint store. Now shoot a pic of your paint-by-number painting guide, download it, print it. Project it on your wall- trace it out, then start filling in your numbers. (used foam brushes & latex paint)

Post courtesy of Tereasa Surrat, author of Found, Free and Flea, and A Very Modest Cottage, and owner of Camp Wandawega.

  • Courtney Robison

    This is really neat! However…finding a good PbN image is not so easy :(

  • candy paint

    Are they teaching you how to paint, my love
    Are they suppressing the freedom of your art
    Are they colouring inside the lines my love
    Oppressing the love inside your precious heart
    Remember that good is not always best,

  • Bev K.

    Courtney, a good place to find paint-by-numbers is
    A lot of the kits they make today are more complex than you may want for this, but there are still a lot of simpler ones, especially nice for children’s rooms.

  • Julie

    Thanks for this guide, but I have a question…how do we match the color to a Pantone chip? I know this must be an uneducated question since it was assumed most people know how to do that. Thanks for any help!