Chalkboard Notebooks

Earlier this summer, I painted the surface of an old table with chalkboard paint. The table has been a huge hit with my kids, and I've become a huge fan of chalkboard paint. I recently tried painting a few composition notebooks with the leftover paint. I wasn't sure how well notebooks would hold up after being painted, but it worked out perfectly. The chalkboard paint dries very quickly, so I don't think the cardboard surface had time to absorb much paint.

The notebooks were super easy to paint and the result was pretty cool. It's a great way to label a set of notebooks for different subjects or projects, and it's a great way to doodle in class without wasting paper. But, of course, I'm not recommending that last part.

Here's What You'll Need:


Notebook/s (composition books work best)

Chalkboard Paint

Paintbrush (sponge brushes work really well)

Here’s How I Made Them:


I started by inserting a sheet of paper between the cover and the pages of the notebook so that the paint wouldn’t get on the edges. I painted about 4 very thin coats of paint on each cover, letting the paint dry between coats (about 20 minutes).


Once the notebook surfaces were well-covered with paint, I let the notebooks completely dry overnight.


The next day, I started labeling my notebooks. I haven’t given them to the kids yet, but once I do, I’m sure my labels will be replaced by drawings of flowers, houses and maps (my daughter’s current favorite subject).

Post by Julee Dyer : Warm Hot Chocolate