Healthy Painted Spoons


I'm all about the painted spoon trend these days. It takes an ordinary household item {wooden spoons} and kicks them up a healthy notch. Sweet!

Here's a way to bring your kids into the mix. Instead of simply painting your spoons a solid color, how about painting them to look like healthy fruits + veggies your kids {sometimes} actually eat!

Here's how you do it.

1. Take a pack of wooden spoons and gently sand/scuff them up so the paint will adhere better

2. Wrap a piece of painters tape a few inches up from the base. Try to line the tape up so they can all be the uniform


3. Now let your kids paint away to resemble your favorite healthy eats: we chose watermelon, strawberry, carrot, banana, zucchini and eggplant but the sky is honestly the limit. We used acrylic paint.



4. After the paint dries, spray the spoons with a food safe shellac {just spray the painted part, and leave the painters tape on}. Let it dry. Remove painters tape and hooray! Wooden spoons that might even encourage your kids to eat something good for them!



Post by Niki Papery & Cakery