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So great! This is exactly what I envisioned myself making before our long flight cross-country a few days ago. Unfortunately, I ran out of time, but I did find a few magnet games appropriate for a 4 and 2 year old and they worked well too (though the littlest magnets went missing in about 1.2 minutes). Thanks for sharing this! Think I'll pin it for the next time around.


This would be perfect for a game of hangman! Thanks for the great tutorial!


Super Rad!!! So beautifully done. We do a 12 hour car trip once or twice a year and I reckon that this sort of thing would be very well received in our car. Now to find some way to stop them dropping the box.

Vinyl Banners

This is a great idea, I didn't know that magnetic paint even existed! My kids would love stuff like this, and then I'd have time to focus on the road rather than being the ref for the fight that seems inevitable. Thanks!

Mollin Von Trapp

This is seriously such a cute idea! I'm always looking for intellectually stimulating things like magnetic toys for children. Thanks!!!


Love this! Do you know if a magnetic painted surface sticks to another magnetic painted surface? For example, could the back of those shapes be painted with the magnetic paint and still adhere to the surface of the inside of the box?

Pocket Knives

Fabulous idea! I will be trying it...I have so many single colors that I wish I could fit in one easy case like this! (The singles take up too much space for me!)


Love this! We also have an 8hr road trip to the grandparents and the 'I dropped my ....... and can't reach it' drive me bonkers by the end. I had no idea there was such a thing as magnetic paint! What fun! Thanks for a fun tutorial!

doro von Hand zu Hand

that's a really fabulous idea.

I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

♥, doro von Hand zu Hand


I love this idea...light bulb idea: 1. Two Dollar store cookie trays, 2. Cut 4 ribbons, double the length of each shorter side. Glue to the backs of cookie trays.
3. Tie the ribbon ends to close and store the magnetic pieces inside!

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