A Very Un-Scary Halloween Pumpkins 3-Ways

Post by Niki of Papery & Cakery
Unscary Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Oh Halloween. You’re back in my life again. My, how I have missed you.

Who doesn’t love Halloween? I prefer to think of it as the “gateway” holiday. A nice, easy way to enter the tunnel towards the biggies like Thanksgiving, Chanukah/X-mas and New Years Ever.

I love costumes. I adore candy. But I don’t really dig the scary stuff. Horror movies have never been my style {I’ve never even seen one, the commercials are enough to give me nightmares}. So you won’t find scary skulls, mummies and headstones in front of our house this year. Oh no. This year I’ll have the most “un-scary” Halloween house on the block. But it will still be awesome. Very very awesome.

Let’s start today with pumpkins three ways.

1. Ombre Pumpkins

Unscary Halloween Pumpkin Decorations - Ombre Pumpkins

Unscary Halloween Pumpkin Decorations - Ombre Pumpkins 2

Unscary Halloween Pumpkin Decorations - Ombre Pumpkins 3

2. Puffy Paint Pumpkins

Puffy Paint Pumpkins

I spotted this and had to try my own version. Again, a great kiddo project!

Step one: Paint the base of the pumpkin as you’d like. I used turquoise acrylic paint.

Step two: Cover with puffy paint in your colors/design of choice. I wanted bold neon colors in fun and quirky patterns.

3. Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

Obviously I couldn’t make it through a DIY post without adding a touch of glitter.

Step one: Use glue {I actually used puffy paint as my glue in this case because Elmers was running down the sides} or ddouble sided tape {or both} to come up with a pattern. I stuck with chevron.

Step two: After each adhesive is applied, sprinkle glitter on top. Let the glue/paint dry and dust excess glitter off. You can dust the excess off of the double sided tape immediately.

Happy Un-Scary Halloween!



Post by Niki of Papery & Cakery and images via Stephanie Soraya Photography {954}-579-7761