Monster Juice Box

I wanted to do something unique for Charlotte's party. While meandering through the craft store I noticed all the bright packages of crinkle-cut basket filler and I had an idea. I could glue it to juice boxes and make big, fat furry monsters out of 'em. I tried out my theory upon arriving home, and guess what? It worked! It took just about three minutes to make each monster, and I only had to make six, so it was a pretty quick, easy project.


Here's how to make them:

1. Grab your supplies: Juice boxes, hot glue, crinkle paper and a giant wiggle eye

2. Working in 1" sections, squiggle some hot glue onto the box, then grab a handful of paper and press it onto the glue.

3. Keep going until all surfaces are covered with paper. (Make sure to leave some space around the opening for the straw)

4. Glue on the giant eyeball.

Ta-Da! You're done.

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Things to Make – 27 Easy Projects From the Recycling Bin

Here's a list of some of the things it has helped us create. What have you made from recycling bin lately? rocketship2 Milk Cartons

1. Rocketships – Wrap a milk carton in construction paper, fold in the top, add rocket wings and Barbie is ready for the moon.

2. Cradleboards (backpacks to carry dolls in) – An old milk carton + a belt or ribbon = a backpack for carrying dolls. Easy peasy. finish Toilet Paper and Paper Toll Rolls

3. Story sticks – The Pima Indians of Arizona kept records of things that had happened in their lives on story sticks, so we drew pictures on flattened paper toll rolls to tell our own stories.

4. Doll slides – All you need is a toilet paper roll and a paper plate for Polly Pocket to have some fun.

5. Doll castles – Once Polly Pocket tires of her slide, she can relax in a beautiful castle.

6. Instruments – Make some noise, just add beans and seal the ends of a paper toll tube. Now you're ready to rock.

untitled (51 of 52).jpg

Large Cardboard Boxes

7. Castle – A large painted box can become almost anything with a little imagination. Why not give your children a kingdom to reign over?

8. Boat – Add a broom with a construction paper flag on top so everyone will know from where you sail.

9. Posters – Just cut up the cardboard into large pieces and decorate. Now hang on the wall and you have some art.

untitled (10 of 15).jpg

Small Cardboard Boxes or Bowls

10. Decoupage bowls – A great use for old shoe boxes or produce bowls.

11. Cardboard boats – Use a straw with a construction paper flag to make a sail. Blue construction paper makes great water. Just don't put in real water.

12. A Pueblo Indian house – A great way to learn about American Indians and reuse small old boxes.purses Grocery Store Paper Bags

13. Purses – Every girl needs some bling in her life.

14. Mail carrier bags – To make this more fun use stickers as stamps and put some stationary out on the table. Encourage kids to write and deliver notes to each other. sit Plastic 2L Bottle

15. A homemade lava lamp – Oil, water, and alka- seltzer = fun.


Packaging Paper

16. Tissue paper tie-dye – All you need are liquid watercolors or food coloring and rubber bands to create beautiful (though fragile) tapestries.

17. Butcher paper town – Just smooth out the brown packaging paper that comes in Amazon boxes and draw a town. Add various toys and lego buildings to decorate. Play. necklace Old Magazines

18. Necklace Beads – All you need are old magazines, glue, and cord to make a beautiful necklace.

19. Decoupage bowls – Also included as #10. A great way to use up old magazines, stickers, and other random scraps of paper. And now you have a place to store knick knacks too. dog Gently Used Construction Paper (we often use new construction paper, but if you have some that is slightly used or cut, all these projects would still work)

20. 3D Pictures – Because everything is better in 3D.

21. Sunprints – Leave construction paper in the sun for a day or so with objects on top and check out all of the pretty patterns that result.

22. Ice cream cones – Circles and triangles glued together = delicious fake food.

23. Handprint puppets – Use your imagination and add some popsicle sticks. Now put on a show.

24. Toddler Designed Hidden Pictures (a fun game for older kids to play after a toddler has already doodled on the paper) – This is one of our favorite games to play with T's old "art".

25. Teepees & headbands – A great craft for Thanksgiving. Add a little paint and some homemade paper dolls and you have a whole activity set ready to go. newspaper Newspaper

26. Paper Mache Bowls – Add some homemade "paste" (flour, salt, and water) to newspaper, wait until dry and paint – awesomeness.

27. Paper doll chains – Basically an instant toy.


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Monster Party

My little girl turned three on Halloween, and I know I did the monster thing once before, but that was pretty much limited to cupcakes…so this time I took things a little bit further. Take a peek.

Monster Party-01

The kiddos feasted on fluffy monster juice boxes and one-eyed cupcakes. Most of them just licked the frosting off the cupcakes, but can you blame them? I kinda wanted to do that myself.

One of our party games was a monster bean bag toss. The monster is one I designed for an invitation a couple years ago. I had this crazy idea to make the beanbag toss out of a vinyl outdoor banner and some PVC pipe. It was a huge hit; and super sturdy. I made beanbags out of knit gloves I found in the dollar section at the craft store. Hint: stock up on dollar-section gloves during the winter…they make great beanbags for games all year long.

Monster Party-03

I've been wanting to have a monster adoption center ever since I saw this pin on pinterest. (Original idea here and here). I found some socks in the dollar section of the craft store (I hang out there a lot), cut them in half and added some eyeballs and felt hair. I learned the key to making monsters is not to try too hard. The best thing? Each one of these cuties only cost about .25 each. I had all the felt and the eyeballs on hand. Sidenote: I have a real problem buying wiggly eyes. Really. Somebody needs to stage an intervention. I've never met a wiggly eyeball I can resist.

Monster Party-02

Another great thing? Monster parties are a hit with kids any time of the year. So grab some wiggle eyes and get to work!


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