Font Love: Bergamot Ornaments

One of my new favorite ding fonts is Bergamot Ornaments. (It’s free here!) But, every time I use it I get all angsty because I have to guess/remember how to get each symbol – plus I’m always wondering if I’m missing something awesome.

SO. I made a pretty and handy little key for myself. And I love to share. So, please enjoy!


By Raechel Myers at Finding My Feet

Raechel is just a mama, trying to raise her children to love the Lord and take their dishes to the sink. She loves sewing, fun design projects, finding killer deals at garage sales, and drinking peppermint mochas all year long! You can also find her at


  • Emily

    Oooh, this is beautiful….going to download RIGHT NOW. Thank you for sharing and happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • kerry macLeod

    brilliant, love this font and that it’s all layed out for us now. many a time i’ve added weird stuff to facebook trying to get a certain symbol and picking the wrong keys!