Monster Juice Box

I wanted to do something unique for Charlotte's party. While meandering through the craft store I noticed all the bright packages of crinkle-cut basket filler and I had an idea. I could glue it to juice boxes and make big, fat furry monsters out of 'em. I tried out my theory upon arriving home, and guess what? It worked! It took just about three minutes to make each monster, and I only had to make six, so it was a pretty quick, easy project.


Here's how to make them:

1. Grab your supplies: Juice boxes, hot glue, crinkle paper and a giant wiggle eye

2. Working in 1" sections, squiggle some hot glue onto the box, then grab a handful of paper and press it onto the glue.

3. Keep going until all surfaces are covered with paper. (Make sure to leave some space around the opening for the straw)

4. Glue on the giant eyeball.

Ta-Da! You're done.

Post by Christina Williams :