Personalized Picture Frames

These personalized picture frames are an easy way to capture the special moment from your child's birthday party or the holidays coming up! 



Just pick a favorite photo and save a couple momentos from the day to add to the frame – I used some of the pretty paper from the pinwheels at Hazel's sunshine party, and some of the rose paper from Stella's ballerina party invitations as the mat on the frame. I also kept a couple pieces of confetti from each party to add to the frame as well.
You could save a piece of wrapping paper from a favorite present, the birthday party invitation, the decorations, etc. The options are endless, as long as they are flat! You could also buy a deeper shadow box frame if you had some thicker momentos you wanted to include.
The process is simple. I just traced around the glass and cut out the paper:
Then I used double-sided tape to affix the photo in the middle of the paper.
I glued on a couple pieces of sunshine confetti for a final touch!
This new frame, along with the one from Stella's party are going up in their new sharedbedroom… more details on that to come!
Post by Haeley : Design Improvised


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    This is so beautiful, very artistic. We can use some different colored pearls or ribbons