Shared Spaces: Holiday Dining


So, you’ve figured out how to fit 4 people around your dinner table every night (even if you haven’t figured out how to get them to sit still). And, when you have friends over, you even know where a couple spare chairs are stashed to squeeze in a few more (so what if you’re sitting on the step stool from the kitchen). But, what happens when you’re entertaining A LOT of people?

At no time is sharing spaces more important than when entertaining during the holidays. Your kid’s room becomes grandma and grandpa’s room. Your bed becomes the coat closet. Your remote control becomes Uncle Al’s remote control. Every space and item in your house has to pull double duty. So, guess what, that play table you use for the kids’ art project can also double as a dining table for the little ones.

And, being relegated to the kids’ table doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Get the kids involved in creating their own centerpiece and place cards. Use festive dishes and “glassware.” (What kid doesn’t love drinking a kiddie cocktail from a plastic champagne flute?) Create a space that’s fun and festive, and no one will care, or notice that they’re dining in your living room.

By Danielle Kurtz

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet, but all her supplies have a layer of dust on them about 5-years-thick, wonder if it's just a coincidence that her oldest kiddo is 5 years old?