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We loooove green smoothies here too. They are awesome!

Shannon Rinckey

We're a green smoothie family, too. I no problem getting the kids to drink them when there's frozen fruit and colorful straws involved!


We do these a lot and our son loves putting all the ingredients in the blender by himself. You can also hide protein powder and other boosts in these smoothies and no one knows the difference!

Abraham Kathleen

I love green smoothies too! I put my greens in the freezer too--just stuff them in a big zip lock bag and throw it in the freezer. They come out like chips! This way you can buy those big boxes of organic spinach or power greens without worry of using it all up quickly!


What would you recommend if you can't use bananas? I am allergic.

Renae Wortz

Kristin, to answer your question, you can just leave the bananas out or for a little extra smoothness you could add avocado, kefir or soft silken tofu....all are great smoothie ingredients! Thanks for reading and check out momcoloredglasses.com for more great ideas! Thanks for reading, Renae Wortz at momcoloredglasses

Stephie Yoakum

Kristin, Renae is right...think of anything else 'creamy'. Of course you can omit but the ingredients she listed shouldn't have too strong of a taste. Avocado is high (good) fat so keep that in mind. If you're not a veg-head...don't worry...silken tofu doesn't bite. Just add a few spoonfuls of whatever you choose.

Believe it or not...dates...specifically medjool dates also go really well. They're gummy/chewy/"creamy" enough. They do the job of the banana. The texture and taste of them in green smoothies is also REALLY good. Good luck!

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