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I just spent all day yesterday reading this book. It's amazing and makes so much sense. I will be implementing it with my grandchildren...they all snack...all..day...long. And pick at their food all the time. And the snacking issue DOES start in k'garten and playschool. That really has to change. What the french government is doing is really amazing. We can all learn something from them about food and children. Another issue that drives me crazy---all the juice, they drink, all day long. Since yesterday alone I keep a Brita water jug on the counter. It's been water....or nothing, since yesterday afternoon. That part was easy and they see it, and haven't asked for juice yet.


Can I speak French? Just kidding. I am always amazed at books about my culture because they always take the hardest and strictest rules...not all of these rules are followed by everybody , and we certainly don't detain the Truth wit a bit T.

A lot of French kids are actually quite picky, including mine and I don't think it's a big deal. In the end they all end up loving veggie filled couscous and ragout. They are just picky in a very French way, like my son who likes ramen and boeuf Bourguignon in his pasta.

Snack rules is actually not such a rule. We don't even think about it, it's natural . Maybe we are too busy to snack, maybe we enjoy our meals a bit more. I don't know. But what I know is that my Bonne-Maman didn't gave us snacks between the four main meals (breakfast , lunch, gouter, dinner. The gouter is the afternoon snack ) , BUT we had access to bread and fruits and were allowed to eat them whenever we wanted between lunch and gouter. At other times of the day we were not supposed to eat between meals.

If there is only one French rule, it is
Tout est meilleur avec un peu de beurre
Everything taste better with a bit if butter.
Which is kinda true...

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