Mitten Hand Prints


A couple of years ago I purchased a mitten-shaped pancake mold. Something about watching my daughter play with the mold made me realize that it would make a great hand print keepsake, so I purchased some air-dry clay and took an impression. This weekend, we made an updated version and her little hands almost filled the entire mitten.


We started with our mitten pancake mold, Crayola air-dry clay and a rolling pin. If you don't have a mitten pancake mold, a large mitten-shaped cookie cutter would work, or you could use a mitten pattern to trace and cut a shape out of clay.


After rolling and cutting the clay, I let my daughter press her hand down onto the clay. I pressed the tips of her fingers down a bit more to ensure a good imprint.


Next, I cut a small rectangle out of the clay and placed it along the bottom edge of the mitten to create a trim. This makes a great surface for adding a name. You can use letter stamps, a toothpick or a bamboo skewer to write the name and year.

And now you have a cute winter-themed keepsake that could be used as a gift, an ornament or a wall-display.

Post by Julee : Warm Hot Chocolate

  • Catherine

    What a cute idea! I just saw that Crayola air dry clay at Target last night – might have to drop in and buy it after all.

  • elizabeth

    another great post, Julee!

  • Brooke

    With your permission, would love to feature this tutorial in my DIY arts and crafts studio? Thanks for considering.

  • The Land of Nod

    Sure, you may repost.