Peppermint Play Doh Recipe

By Raechel Myers at Finding My Feet

One of our Advent activities this weekend was a family favorite: making peppermint play doh. And boy howdy, we made a giant batch that has kept us creating all weekend!

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe

Our family first discovered peppermint play doh about six years ago when our little church compiled a cookbook of favorite recipes and my friend Wendy submitted this one.

We haven’t made it in a few years, and I’d forgotten what a cool, sensory experience the whole process was. Cooking play doh on a stovetop smells like working in a candy cane factory. And for my Tennessee boy who longs for a good Elf-like snowball fight, rolling up little red snowballs and building peppermint snowmen and igloos is the next best thing!

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe Supplies

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe 2

Be sure to store it in an airtight container. We keep ours in the middle of our dining room table for now – just in case anyone is feeling creative or festive – or both. It’s also fun to keep a rolling pin and cookie cutters handy.

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe 1

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe 2

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe 3

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe 4

When Oliver got home from school on Friday he said – and I quote, “I don’t want to play with the iPad! I just want to play with my hands!”

Mama’s heart is happy with that one.

He and Hazel played with this stuff all weekend long!

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe 6

Peppermint Play Doh Recipe 7

By Raechel Myers at Finding My Feet. Raechel is just a mama, trying to raise her children to love the Lord and take their dishes to the sink. She loves sewing, fun design projects, finding killer deals at garage sales, and drinking peppermint mochas all year long! You can also find her at