Spreading Holiday Cheer To The Nursery

Post by Andrea Howe of For The Love Of

I try not to go overboard with the Holiday decor, and in fact I’m finding that I scale back a teensy tiny bit each year. I’ve learned that the less I put out, the easier it is for me to take down and pack away the Christmas cheer. But I do love to have just a touch of Christmas cheer in each room, whether it be a simple fir tree or a lovely snow globe, the festiveness is in the small details. Last weekend I finished decking the halls by adding a bit of Christmas cheer to the nursery. Since my 3 month old son Hayden’s room is primarily all white with pops of bright color and even some neon thrown in, I decided to add a neon twist to his decor with some DIY artwork and tiny paper garland strung on trees.

Spreading Holiday Cheer To The Nursery

To make the reindeer and Christmas tree cutouts, you simply print out a graphic in the print you want, trace with a pencil onto a sheet of cardstock, carefully cut out with an exacto knife and then place a brightly colored sheet of paper behind the cut out to make it really stand out. Frame and hang, and you have affordable DIY artwork in less than 30 minutes.

Spreading Holiday Cheer To The Nursery

For the garland just cut out an assortment of triangles and rectangles and fold over twine and secure with tape. They look adorable strung on a tree or around a lampshade.

Spreading Holiday Cheer To The Nursery

Spreading Holiday Cheer To The Nursery

These decorations took me less than an hour in total to make and hang, and will take even less time to take down after the Holidays, which makes decorating less of a chore, knowing that it won’t be a pain to de-deck the halls. Other ways to add a touch of the holidays to your child’s room is with twinkly lights, artificial Christmas trees with their own collection of ornaments, snow globes, Christmas music, and a collection of Christmas books set aside in a basket. Last year I wrapped all of our Holiday books in wrapping paper and had the kids unwrap one every few days to read before bedtime and they loved that tradition, and I loved that it gave new life to old books. Do you deck the halls in the kids rooms, and if so, what do you do to add a festive touch?

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  • http://www.aswellplacetodwell.com Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell

    Aside from Christmas in the nursery (which is really fun), I love, love, love the neon pictures you showed. If I had to pick I probably wouldn’t put neon and christmas together, but it totally works! We have little touches of Christmas throughout our house…this year in my daughter’s room she has her Snow Babies nativity scene. She loves getting up in the morning and looking at it. http://www.aswellplacetodwell.com/2012/12/away-in-manger.html

  • Miranda

    It looks fantastic – love the white tree with neon – so cute and festive without being boring Christmasy.

  • http://www.edeskco.com/executive-desk.cfm executive office furniture

    Christmas fever and cheer is on peak now..Very few days are left for Christmas and everyone had started to celebrate and decoration..As we can see in this post,a tree is looking very sweet and simple yet nice..Good decoration is done..