Unconventional and Uncanny Plush Assortment

After I got married, my husband revealed a very big secret.  It wasn't until a few weeks after our wedding that he introduced me to Blackie, a small stuffed dog that he received as a baby gift, and kept throughout his life.  Blackie, at one time, must have been a beautiful Scottie, but when I met him 30 years later, he was tattered.  His eyes had been replaced with buttons, his poor tail had been sewn and re-sewn, his fur was pilled and ragged, but he was still a big part of my husband's life; a connection to his childhood.  Although I was a bit jealous, I had to ask myself; what is it about a stuffed animal that makes it worth keeping around forever?

It's the emotional connection you feel instantly when you first set eyes on these creatures. Our plush collection does just that.  It is unconventional, unexpected, and uncanny.

Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Bunny, Kitty.  Brilliant creation of Mimi Kirchner.  These critters are 100% wool felt and each come wearing their own outfits.  Their expressions (or lack of expression) are priceless. I recently visited the factory where these creatures are made with love and attention to detail.  Every critter is hand embroidered, hand stuffed, and hand sewn.  Every eye is placed perfectly with needle and thread (by an actual person). The amount of work that goes into these toys is incredible, and it is apparent.


Oliver the Elephant— dreamed up by Hillary Lang, this fuzzy elephant has a personality all his own.  His creativity is apparent, as he wears his beret, off to the side, of course.  (He must be French). His giant ears are lined with a whimsical cotton pattern- he is a keeper.


Cotton Monster Hedgehog and Raccoon Mom, Dad and Youngins—who knew you could love such creatures?  Jennifer Strunge invented these crazy, whacky, lovable fleece animals.  They are soft and silly, and you will not find them anywhere but at The Land of Nod.


What do Simon the Whale, Mushroom Buddies, Tina the Bunny, Rainbow Happy Tree, Johan the Raccoon and Hug the Panda all have in common?  They are the genius of Michelle Romo.  They are mixed materials of corduroy, wool felt and cotton.  They are made by hand, and made to be handled. 


Stupid Sock Creatures are brilliant!  They were dreamed up by artist John Murphy.  He is passionate about his socks, and found some crazy uses for them.  Fabulous colors, extraordinary expressions, bizarre and awkward—I no longer look at my sock drawer the same way.  These socks have lips!


30 years from now, maybe you will reveal your best kept secret to a loved one, and you will fondly remember the first time you hugged, tugged and loved favorite creature.

Post by Nancy Harris, Accessories Buyer @ Nod

In 1999, I was sitting at my desk as a buyer for a gift company, and my boss brought over a Land of Nod catalog and said, "This is what I want us to be.” I immediately knew two things:  1. We could never be like them, no one could. 2-I had to be a part of The Land of Nod. The nostalgic assortment, whimsical presentation, and clever copy were positively inspired. I spent lots of time dreaming about The Land of Nod. Four years later, I was hired as the toy buyer, a dreamy job—a dreamy atmosphere, a dream come true.