Vintage Map Wall

This past weekend we finished D's map wall. I had bought two vintage 1960s Atlases at Goodwill. I went through the books and picked maps we liked in different sizes and colours. We trimmed the edges and used wallpaper paste to adhere the pages to the wall. We overlapped several of them for a more casual look and I had to trim a couple to fit. Because book paper is not formulated the way wallpaper is, we did get some wrinkles – so it's not perfect, but you can really only see that close-up. I'm really happy we finally did this – I saw the Martha Stewart picture of the map wall two years ago! 

We also got the IKEA light, the bed on Kjiji, a small wooden nightstand and I pulled out our vintage Swiss Army blanket. Last things to do are new sheets and a rug - no more actual work in this room!

Post by Giulia Doyle : Fishly News