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Ah, dang...I just saw this. :( Hopefully, you'll have another crazily creative, funky and fabulous giveaway again soon (with a stellar of a prize...Alt Summit...geesh!!) ? So bummed to have spotted to late!

Katie @ Nod

Hi Melissa, we're taking submissions through end of day today!

Ahndea May

I did it! Yay! Thanks for this opportunity! So Excited! Thanks!

Amber {noted home}

Hope I wasn't too late I did it about 20 minutes ago on facebook :)I would be so thrilled to go. The party sounds like it will be fabulous!!

Ahndea May

Good morning Land of Nod... I just wanted to confirm I did the entry correct... do I need to add it to your pinterest board or will you do that? Just want to make sure I did all the steps right with 2 days of voting! :) Thank you!


Hi Land of Nod... I just want to say that this has turned into an unfair competition. I was really excited to see the craftsmanship these competitiors would put into these crowns, only to see people are repinning multiple times on Pinterest through the same acount, and same boards, gaining pins above everyone else. I feel so sorry for the honest people who refuse to cheat, and spent a lot of time and thought on their entries. I hope you somehow find a way to not count people who are cheating by repinning multiple times on boards on the same account, etc.--for the sake of those who really put an effort into this competition. And especially to make a good example for children not to cheat; considering your store provides to kids. Cheaters shouldn't be applauded. Thanks.

Katie @ Nod

Hi, we completely understand and certainly do not promote unfair advantages. Rest assured, we'll be as thorough as possible when selecting the winner. Thank you.


What a fun competition! So bummed I read all the details a day late! Congrats to whoever wins!

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