Garland Mobile DIY

Garland mobile_lalalovely

Supplies : A paint brush, wooden beads (sixty 3/4 inch wooden beads + one 1 inch wooden bead), a needle, wreath frame, battery operated twinkle lights (I purchased mine at Ikea but have seen similar sets at Michael's in the floral dept), this garland is shaping up, spray paint, craft paint, string and a hook for hanging.

Garland mobile supplies_lalalovely

Step 1 :  Spray paint the metal wreath frame. 

Garland mobile 1_lalalovely

Step 2 : Paint the wooden beads in 3 gradual shades for an ombre effect.  I did 7 beads in the darkest shade, 5 beads in the medium shade and 3 beads in the lightest color.

Garland mobile 2_lalalovely

Garland mobile tip_lalalovely

Step 3 : String the flower lights onto the metal wreath, weaving in and out of the metal rows.  It's also a good idea to start each set of lights on opposite ends so the battery packs balance each side out.

Garland mobile 3_lalalovely

Step 4 : Thread the beads onto the string leaving room on each end for tying up. Repeat until you have 4 strands of beads.

Garland mobile 4_lalalovely

Step 5 : Tie the strands onto the base of the metal frame.  I find it a good idea to place a strand, evenly, on each side of a battery pack to, again, give balance.

Garland mobile 5_lalalovely

Step 6 : Holding onto the 4 loose strings at the top, string on the larger bead to keep all of the strings together.  Then give about 3 inches of string above the large bead and tie a knot.  You can then use the slip through to hang onto a ceiling hook or wherever you like.

Garland mobile voila _lalalovely

HangingGarland_lalalovely2 (2)


By Trina McNeilly. Who blogs at la la L O V E L Y, a lifestyle blog with an eye for design in all areas of life. She started la la a few years back to keep track of this + that + everything pretty in between. And, it just so happened that la la Lovely is where the lovely things land.

A Magical Place Called The Land of Nod


remember that really exciting project i said i was working on and that i couldn’t wait to share with you?  well, today, i’m sharing and all starts like this…..

sometimes really exciting things can happen all because of an e-mail.  you know, the kind of things that you might not even imagine up, even on your most, “i can do anything,” kind of days.

it all started last summer when i worked on the project of completing ella’s room re-design.  i sent an e-mail to one of my fave kids stores, the land of nod, to see about incorporating a few of their products.  then there was this super cute video reveal that i collaborated on with frank and harvey.  when i sent it to the land of nod, they kind of loved it.  not long after, i traveled to the land of nod (i like going to other lands, really i do).  a few meetings and phone calls later we schemed up a really fun collaboration to feature my home as well as my friends nyc home in their upcoming spring book for their real families | real kids series.  crazy, right?  crazy and very exciting!

i got to planning, designing and working closely with the lovelies at the land of nod.  it initially looked a little like this :


then there where those many moments in between here and there, where i pinched myself, squealed a bit and thanked god for such a fun opportunity.

i thought you all might like to see some a bit of the process and some of the behind the scene moments that i captured.  before we get to my house, we should start with new york..  i think that is the most perfect kind of place to start, don’t you?

meet, the lyon’s family.  they are long time, life long, friends of mine.  gabe and rebekah live in a small, 2 bedroom apartment in manhattan with their 3 sweet children (and two super cute pups).


i had the fun job of helping to design their kids shared room (yes, all 3 in, one room) and living room, where everyone hangs out.  i worked closely with the land of nod on incorporating many of their gorgeous pieces.

after all of the planning, i was off to new york to help style the space and see it all come together (these little sloane desks are my fave).


i had the best time working with the land of nod creatives, stylist and photographer.  i would have been happy to just have been on a fly on the wall that day, but to be able to help out was tops.  there is so much hard work and talent that goes into this type of work.  i have a lot to learn when it comes to styling and the creative process but i feel pretty darn lucky to have learned a thing or two.


chalk artist dana tanamachi even came by to deck the walls


between traveling and planning for new york, i was spending late (ok, very late) nights planning and making a few updates around the house.  now, fast forward a few weeks  (with a holiday and sick kids in between it all) and it was time to shoot at my house.  3 days for shooting 3 rooms, again, with a wonderful stylist, photographer and crew from the land of nod (and this time we even shot video).

for 3 days my house was turned into a “location”


floor lamp =  “wow, that’s a big lamp,” from land of nod. isn’t it insanely fabulous?


there was a lot of this going on….my kids had the best time!


and things got to looking magical :



and speaking of magical……i should tell you, the land of nod, really is just that.  everyone (and i mean, everyone) is the nicest of nice (like i think my little la la’s were about to cry when they left…no seriously).   but the thing is, when talent meets niceness there is just no telling what can happen – well, really great things happen, that’s what.

now, i can’t wait to show you the finished rooms for  both New York City and myhouse.  i promise you are going to love it.  For the next 4 weeks, i’ll be posting each space and DIY’s that we incorporated, as well as a super rad video.  so, check back each wednesday and thursday, there is so much pretty to share.  first up is NYC, next week.

and be sure to sign up for the land of nod catalog (if you are not already on their mailing list. so you can see how it all turned out!  you can sign up right here.

By Trina McNeilly who blogs at la la L O V E L Y, a lifestyle blog with an eye for design in all areas of life. She started la la a few years back to keep track of this + that + everything pretty in between. And, it just so happened that la la Lovely is where the lovely things land.

Contact Paper Sun-Catcher DIY

When the days gets cold, bitter cold…try 1 degree here in Michigan today….we all need some simple indoor activities we can do with our kids because it’s just too cold for little fingers outside.  This sun-catcher DIY is the easiest thing you ever did see that you can do with a kid of just about any age.  The results will be different depending on the ages involved, but the skill level is appropriate for kids from two to twenty.  You can make these over and over and incorporate just about any paper crafting supply that you have in your house; scrap book paper, construction paper, stickers, vellum, glitter, bits of string, anything!  Here’s what you need:


Clear contact paper, paper punches, scissors, paper scraps and bits.


Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I cut our contact paper into the shape of hearts, big ones. Peel the paper backing off the contact paper and lay it sticky side up on the floor.  And then?  Decorate away!  Just simply lay your paper scraps and decorations however you’d like onto the contact paper!



When the contact paper is decorated to your heart’s desire carefully stick it to your window where ever you’d like!  Rub it onto the glass until there are no more air bubbles underneath it.




That’s it!  A super, simple, cheap, fun way to brighten up your windows for the winter and fill up a little cabin-fever time.

Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses

How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies


How to make fortune cookies with no wire, no glue and only 3 romantic stitches…


1. Cut a 3" diameter round piece of felt

2. Fold the felt in half and pin. In like-colored thread (I used pink only so you can easily see my stitches), make 3 downward stitches from the middle of the fold. Finish off and cut thread.

3. Peel each side of the 'cookie' up and fold over the stitches. Manipulate the felt until you have the desired look.

4. Insert a special note to your love.


Perfect for Valentine's, weddings, New Years, birthdays and pretend Chinese meals. 

Also available in my Etsy shop.

Post by Helen Bird :