Contact Paper Sun-Catcher DIY

When the days gets cold, bitter cold…try 1 degree here in Michigan today….we all need some simple indoor activities we can do with our kids because it’s just too cold for little fingers outside.  This sun-catcher DIY is the easiest thing you ever did see that you can do with a kid of just about any age.  The results will be different depending on the ages involved, but the skill level is appropriate for kids from two to twenty.  You can make these over and over and incorporate just about any paper crafting supply that you have in your house; scrap book paper, construction paper, stickers, vellum, glitter, bits of string, anything!  Here’s what you need:


Clear contact paper, paper punches, scissors, paper scraps and bits.


Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I cut our contact paper into the shape of hearts, big ones. Peel the paper backing off the contact paper and lay it sticky side up on the floor.  And then?  Decorate away!  Just simply lay your paper scraps and decorations however you’d like onto the contact paper!



When the contact paper is decorated to your heart’s desire carefully stick it to your window where ever you’d like!  Rub it onto the glass until there are no more air bubbles underneath it.




That’s it!  A super, simple, cheap, fun way to brighten up your windows for the winter and fill up a little cabin-fever time.

Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses

  • jodiK

    I just wrote about tissue-paper stained glass yesterday! it was about working with my 2 year old, but had me pondering how far the idea could go with my older kids, imagining stop motion animation…

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