DIY Mobile

This is one of my favorite DIY projects.  It has all the right ingredients.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, it makes an impact.  I made one of these mobiles for my daughter when we found out she was on the way.  We had six weeks to get ready for her and I wanted her room to be amazing, but I couldn’t find a mobile that I liked…..and isn’t that breaking the rules of ‘baby rooming 101′ if you don’t have a mobile?  I had an old ‘picture display thingy’ that I’d used in my classroom for years and decided to turn that into a mobile that I could get behind.

Here’s what you need to make your own:


1.  Scrapbook paper in the color palette that the nursery will be.  Make sure it’s not too matchy matchy.  You want lots of patterns and shades and variation.

2.  Something to cut out circles with.  My favorite of all time are from Creative Memories.  I’ve tried a lot of circle cutters in my time and nothing comes close to the Creative Memories one!

3.  Rubber cement.

4.  Ribbon to match your color scheme.

5.  The Wee Gallery Mobile by Kikkerland.  You can find it on Amazon for less than $8 and you’ll have it within four days!


Then, start cutting out circles in a variety of sizes. Make sure you have at least two of each size as you’ll be gluing them back to back.



Once you feel like you have enough circles cut out, start gluing them together by placing various lengths of ribbon between each set and creating strings of circles. I usually glue three to four sets of circles onto one length of ribbon.


Keep going until you have enough ribbons to go into each alligator clip of the mobile. You can see that I trim the ribbon on the ends so you don’t see it peeking out of the bottom set of circles and I randomly put together different sized circles onto each ribbon. You want this to look whimsical and not so calculated.



And then……find your nearest friend who has a baby coming her way any day and surprise her!


Here’s the one I made for my daughter, almost four years ago!  We’ve moved since she was born but I hung it up in her new room because it’s so much a part of her space that I couldn’t bear to get rid of it……and besides…’s still in perfect shape and adds dimension and interest to the corner of her room!



Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses

  • Emily @ Peck Life

    Oh my goodness, this is such a good idea!! And SO TIMELY! I just did a post today on my favorite baby mobiles I’m contemplating for baby #2 and I’m definitely leaning towards making something! Thanks for this. :)

  • Katie @ Nod

    Great minds think alike! Congrats on Baby #2! Maggie from Mom Colored Glasses shared this post, we’ll be sure to pass your comment along!