How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies


How to make fortune cookies with no wire, no glue and only 3 romantic stitches…


1. Cut a 3" diameter round piece of felt

2. Fold the felt in half and pin. In like-colored thread (I used pink only so you can easily see my stitches), make 3 downward stitches from the middle of the fold. Finish off and cut thread.

3. Peel each side of the 'cookie' up and fold over the stitches. Manipulate the felt until you have the desired look.

4. Insert a special note to your love.


Perfect for Valentine's, weddings, New Years, birthdays and pretend Chinese meals. 

Also available in my Etsy shop.

Post by Helen Bird :

  • Lana | Sweet As Lime

    Those look so fluffy & cute!

  • Kasia

    Oh! That’s a great idea as baking those particular cookies wasn’t my strong point:) And you can make whatever colour you want to match your party decorations!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Tanya

    These are so cute! I cant wait to do this!