Things to Make – Winter Trees

finish This project was one of my daughter's ideas, from her copy of Art Treasury , which has become her lazy day boredom buster. Anyways, making winter trees proved simple and fun, so we'll probably try it again sometime.

Here's the scoop:

1. Use watercolor paint to create a sky and ground on a blank sheet of watercolor (or other thick) paper.

2. Then pour some brown liquid watercolor paint into a small container (we didn't have brown so we mixed orange and black). If you don't have liquid watercolors, you could use food coloring or soak marker tips in a small amount of water.

3. Drop a larg(ish) glob of the brown paint on the paper and use a brush to create a tree trunk, then use straws to blow the paint over the paper to make branches (this is the fun part).

4. (Optional) Sprinkle the pictures with salt to create a snow/frost effect.

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