DIY Skate Deck Shelf

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Whattya need?

  • Old skateboard decks (wheels & trucks removed)
  • Four large eye bolts
  • 14 gauge coated wire (200 lb. test)
  • Wire snips


How do I make a Skate Deck Shelf?

Step 1: Screw first eye bolt to the ceiling 3" away from the wall. 


Step 2: Screw second eye bolt an additional two inches away from the wall. Doing so will match the spacing of the holes in the skateboard deck. NOTE: For second set of eye bolts, measure 19" from first set and repeat steps 1 and 2.


Step 3: Run wire through each eye bolt. 


Step 4: Run all four strands of wire through the outer holes on the deck. 


Step 5: Decide what length you want shelves to be. Once you’ve done so, tie the wires into knots underneath the deck.  


Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all additional shelves. 


Step 7: Trim excess wire. 



  • Johan

    What an awesome idea for a teenage boy’s room! Love it

  • Sharon Garofalow

    Love this shelf!! I love that it uses real skate decks and not generic ones.