Things to Make – Secret Agent Messages Two Different Ways

Lately all three of my kids are obsessed with spies and secret agents. My oldest daughter especially loves these kits, whereas her younger siblings prefer hiding behind doors and surprising me. Anyways, on one of the many snow days we've had lately, we spent a morning creating secret agent messages using two different methods in an effort to "trick" the bad guys. crayon  Method 1 – White Crayon.

So so simple. Write with white crayon on white paper. Then paint over the crayon with watercolor paint to reveal hidden messages. lemon Method 2 – Lemon Juice.

I've always heard that you can use lemon juice to create secret messages, but I never knew how to make it work – turns out you that after you paint on the lemon juice, you need to cook the [thick, watercolor] paper in an oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes in order to see the magic pictures appear. Thank you Not-So-SAHM for letting us in on the secret! (And by the way, if you're looking for more spy play ideas, check out Not-So-SAHM's post here).

Post by Darcy : No Monsters in My Bed