Instagram Magnets for Super Cheap

Instagram Magnets 1

I love Instagram, yes I do! I love Instragram, how ’bout you?

I do. I adore Instagram. As a Droid smartphone user, Instagram only became available to me last summer though before that I had Insta-envy. For those who don't know, Instagram is a photo sharing app for smartphones where users can add various filters to their images giving them a unique and funky look. While the photo filter part is very fun, my favorite part of Instagram is getting a peek into the everyday life of the people I follow and my very favorites to follow are my far flung family members.
Most of my images are of my babes as we are a little wanting of sweeping mountain vistas here. :) However, the only way I was getting enjoyment was through looking at them on my phone. I wanted them in physical form and I knew we would like the magnet version.

Instagram Magnets 8

Sweet J really likes the Instagram magnets. I actually had to remove them from the refrigerator for a time because he was pilfering them and hiding them all over the house.
His favorite hiding place is right underneath the fridge.

Instagram Magnets 9.1

Here's what you need:
-printed Instagram images
-cutting blade
-adhesive backed magnets – I used these which I bought for $6.90 (4-4" x12" magnet strips).

Instagram Magnets 3

First, print the Instagram images. I used Photoshop to make a image grid. To coordinate with the magnets I purchased, I resized the images so each was 2" x2". On a 8.5" x11" piece of paper, 12 images fit with plenty of margin space. Don't have Photoshop? There are a number of other programs you can use that allow you to dictate the image sizes. Work with what you have.

Instagram Magnets 2

Once the images are printed, trim away the excess paper. Again, with the magnets I purchased in mind, I cut it down to a 2-image column with 2 1-2 image stacks. Cutting it this way made the next step very simple. If you want to add a clear coat to protect the printed image, add it before cutting the images apart. It's less work that way. :)

Instagram Magnets 4

Peel away the cover on the magnet's adhesive and carefully stick down the images. Cutting it as I did made this step a cinch.

Instagram Magnets 5

Using a sharp cutting blade, cut out each individual magnet. Trim away any excess magnet which again, because of the measurements used, there shouldn't be much.

Instagram Magnets 6

That's it! Real Insta pics for all to enjoy.

Instagram Magnets 7

If you have trouble choosing which images to print like me, just print a bunch. It's so easy and cheap, why not have a lot, right? I was able to get 12 magnets from each sheet and after doing the math, the price for each magnet is around $0.14 – pretty darn good.

Instagram Magnets 12

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Take care.