Get to Know Elizabeth Evans


Name: Elizabeth Evans of Wildhorse Press

Hometown: Tonganoxie, Kansas

Current Town of Residence: Boulder, Colorado

On the weekends, you can find me hiking or exploring Colorado. I just moved to Boulder so I am enjoying all the great places to hike as well as taking day trips to places like Rocky Mountain National Park and Pike's Peak.


My favorite poem is “The Journey” by Mary Oliver. This poems was recommended to me by two different people I encountered at a time in my life that it was exactly what I needed to hear. Every time I read it I am reminded to remain true to myself.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Yes, and I experienced my first ghost while visiting the Stanley Hotel last month in Estes Park. It is the hotel that Steven King stayed in which inspired him to write “The Shining.” I am fascinated with the paranormal.

What is your zodiac sign? Gemini is my sun sign, but my rising sign is Virgo. That's why I tend to have a perfectionism present in my artwork.

What’s a song that you never get sick of? One Hundred Years From Now by The Byrds. Gram Parsons is my favorite musician.

Your dream vacation would be… walking El Camino de Santiago. I've started training for this nearly 500 mile pilgrimage by taking full day walks with a local walking group. I would like to walk the Camino in the fall and spend a month in Ireland before or after.

If you could have lunch with any person from the past, present or future, who would it be? Gloria Steinem, to me she is a symbol of a strong and wise woman. She has also been present in a few of my dreams as a guide, so it would be amazing to meet her in person.

If you could trade places and work in another career for a day, what career and why? Adventure travel guide. I love to travel to beautiful settings but also enjoy the camaraderie of meeting people during a journey.

Tell us about your Nod Institute of Art print, how you made it or your inspiration behind it.

My print was inspired by Teepee Junction in Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence is the closest city to the small town of Tonganoxie where I grew up. On my many trips to Lawrence I would always drive by Teepee Junction, which includes a 50 foot tall concrete teepee built in 1928. I have driven by the teepees thousands of times and the images are engrained in my subconscious and memories of growing up, so naturally it would end up in my art.

Teepee that inspired her print


  • mightystudents

    wow she is cute and very outgoing . I wish I could do stuff she does. It is very sad why people like her looks so happy and lived her life to the fullest while me I am still here stuck in front of the computer