Happy Pi Day 2013!

Hello, it’s me again.  Yes, that person who works at The Land of Nod that is completely obsessed with Pi.  I can’t really top last year’s essay on my love of Pi (look in the archives, it’s worth it), I’m just going to share a few thoughts on Pi.

Have you checked out The Land of Nod website lately?  After my constant begging and pleading, Pi has finally arrived.  It is on our Show Your Work Bedding – which I love for many reasons other than just Pi:


So I’ll admit that I’m not the most up to date on all of the technology of today, but I do occasionally get on Facebook.  What did I find?  Yes, there is a Facebook Pi Event page.  And I was, get ready for it, the 14th person to say I would attend the event.  Now, with a community of millions of people, you would think more than 14 would attend a Pi Day event, right?

I’m very excited to be spending Pi Day itself with our Naperville Outlet team this year.  Not only will I be wearing my Pi Day T Shirt and my Pi Day “πrate” temporary tattoo, but our Outlet Manager Lauren will be making Pi shaped cookies!  Yes, she is almost as fanatical as I am about math, and she has π shaped cookie cutters!  And she’s an excellent baker, so I’m pretty excited on multiple levels.

My final thought on this Pi Day comes to Hollywood.  What do Sandra Bullock and Alfred Hitchcock have in common?  While you ponder that, I bet you thought that I would say something about Star Wars or Star Trek since I’m a Pi fan?  True, Spock did save the world by challenging an evil computer to compute to the last digit of Pi.  But anyway, Pi is the secret code in 2 movies – Alfred Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain and Sandra Bullock’s hidden gem The Net.

Now, how many of you remember the secret code to get Word to print π?

By Mike Janecek

In addition to being our Director of Stores, Mike Janecek is a collector of mid-century modern furniture, which he sells at various antique shops throughout Chicago. He also has an extensive collection of vintage paint-by-numbers. And, impressively, challenged himself to wear fun patterned socks for 365 days in 2011, a feat which he very stylishly accomplished!