Who’s That Noddie? Volume 2


It’s time for another installment of Who’s That Noddie? We figured you’ve probably been losing sleep waiting for the next one, right? Good news! The suspense is over… This time we’re talking to super cool hardware/tech guru Jonathan Hodges. Jonathan constantly saves the day around here for us, and we are so lucky to have him on our team.


Why do you love your job?

I’ve always had an interest in computers, electronics and things that “lit up.” I used to take apart all of my battery-operated toys when I was younger, and while I didn’t always succeed in making them function properly again, I did get a little better at figuring out what I could have done differently. Before I knew it, I started really enjoying the idea of troubleshooting various tech issues, and that love grew exponentially over time. My job’s great because it’s a continuous learning experience.

What is one of your biggest passions?

Aside from computing, I’d say science in general. The subject is completely fascinating, and I try to stay current on scientific discoveries as much as possible.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

I used to have the Thundercats’ “Sword of Omens” when I was a younger lad, and I can’t begin to tell you how often it’d come in handy on the playground, haha.

What’s your favorite Nod memory?

I’ve got two memories that stand out: My trip to N.Y. for our Fall Preview Event and dressing up as the “Mouse Soldier” for the Santa Visit in 2011. The NY trip was great. I got a chance to get out of my element for a few days and get to know my coworkers a bit better in the process. The Santa visit was memorable for various reasons, especially seeing the look on their faces when it came time to open their presents.


What’s something unique or surprising about you?

I was born in Brazil, and lived five minutes away from this beach:


What do you love most about working for The Land of Nod?

For the simple fact that it isn’t like any other place I have ever worked at before. The camaraderie between everyone is truly great, and the products are nostalgic – so much so, that every day, I'm reminded of what it's like to be a kid again. I'm fortunate to work in such a great atmosphere.  

How is your role impactful to the company?

I think each person here plays an integral part to the overall success of the company. My piece of the puzzle is making sure that the hardware side of things is working properly, and that they have the necessary tools in that aspect to get the job done.  

What's your favorite Nod product?

I’m digging the Illuminated Globe right now. 

Thanks Jonathan for the awesome chat! We hope you enjoyed this installment of Who’s That Noddie? Be sure to stop back by Honest to Nod to check out plenty more about our team at The Land of Nod in the upcoming weeks.