Get To Know Pei Pinney


Name: Pei Pinney 

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Current Town of Residence: Pasadena, CA


Would you rather travel by plane, train, car or ship? 

I like to travel by car because I can stop and explore if I see something interesting while taking a road trip.

How many times do you usually hit the snooze button after your alarm goes off?

Normally, if I set the alarm, it means I have something important the next day morning, so I either get up right away or snooze no more than twice.

How long can food be on the ground and still be fair game for eating? 

It all depends on what type of food and how clean the ground is. If the ground is dirty or the food is moist and dirt sticks easily, then there’s zero chance I'll eat it.

My favorite thing is…

  to collect unique and well-designed toys. 

What’s a song that you never get sick of? 

"One Evening" by Feist.

If you could posses a superpower, what would it be? 

The ability to learn things in seconds that might take years to become a pro, such as a chef, photographer or fashion designer.

What’s the one chore that you dislike the most?

Doing dishes, I don’t like to feel any grease or left over food on my hands.

You’re stranded on a desert island, with only a volleyball to keep you company. Luckily, you brought a book, a person and an object.  Who and what are they?

A book on how to build a boat, my husband (not only can I enjoy his company, but he can help me build the boat), and a compass to help us sail on the sea.

If you could trade places and work in another career for a day, what career and why? 

Fashion Designer. Sometimes, it’s hard to find clothes I like and I wish I know how to make them for myself.

Tell us about your Nod Institute of Art print, how you made it or your inspiration behind it.

I've always loved the nautical look, and I wanted to design a small collection of greeting cards that is based on the nautical theme. My goal is try to bring a smile on people’s face, so I want to make the illustration very fun and whimsical. When I was doing the sketch for Salt the Seagull, I wanted to give him some personality by putting a sailor outfit on him as well as adding a pipe with smoke like some old sea sailor.





Salt Dough Play Food

untitled (42 of 47).jpg

American Girl dolls need to eat, so we decided to whip them up some fake fruit (oranges, strawberries, and cherries). We used the following recipe to make the dough (which I found here), a big plus is that it's MICROWAVABLE, so we didn't have to wait a day to start painting. Then we used tubes of watercolor paints (similar to these) to color the shapes. For the strawberries we added green felt leaves and for the cherries we made holes in the dough and then added cut green pipe cleaners with glue on the bottom.

Salt Dough Recipe:

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water 1 cup of flour

1. Add the water slowly to the salt and flour. Knead until a dough forms.

2. Microwave for about 3 minutes to dry. If the dough is still wet then reheat in 20 second increments.

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Post by Darcy :

Tween Bedroom Makeover with Emily Henderson

Months ago we were lucky enough to meet Emily Henderson, host of HGTV's Secrets From a Sylist. We chatted, laughed and cried; well cried from laughing so much over dinner. The connection was inevtiable and we knew a fun collaboration needed to happen. It just so happened she was designing a 9 year old girls room & that's when her creativity went wild. Take a look at her blog today for a look into mixing vintage with new Land of Nod pieces to keep the room young yet sophicated. Full post HERE.



Corn Sand Body Polish

Mother's Day is right around the corner. My idea of the perfect mom gift is a little spa pampering, and if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you probably saw that I treated myself to a quick pedicure. Busy moms rarely have time (or cash) for a full-fledged trip to the spa, so I thought today would be a great day to share an at-home spa recipe.



The cornmeal gives this concoction its yellow hue and provides healthy exfoliation delivered in a rich cream of fresh yogurt to nourish and brighten, while honey is a humectant, drawing moisture to your skin.

3 TBS Plain Yogurt
2 TBS Cornmeal
2 tsp Honey
3 drops of Lemon or Orange Essential Oil (optional)


:: Thoroughly mix all the ingredients.
:: Vigorously apply over body, avoiding face (cornmeal is too rough for delicate facial skin).
:: Focus your scrubbing on rough patches like elbows, knees and heals
:: Remove with warm water and a washcloth or shower off.

Best to make just enough to use right away as this mixture doesn’t keep.

Did you know I have a whole line of spa and body care goodies? You can check it out here at

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