Pennant Cake Topper

At Nod, we believe your home should be a celebration of family. We'll be featuring our Managing Director, Michelle, at home celebrating her own family with recipes, crafts and décor created by our friend Sweet Paul

There's something so special about a birthday cake. No other dessert tastes quite as good as a bite of your OWN birthday cake.  I never had store bought cakes as a boy, my grandmother would always make me one from scratch.  My mormor would always think of a way to use items from around the house to help decorate the cake.  That' s the true inspiration behind this easy to create topper.  You can even involve the family and have small-hands help you cut out the fabric or pick the colors.


You will need:

A great cake that you want to make extra special

Scraps of fun fabric

Fabric Glue

4 Paper straws



1.Cut out 12 triangles from your fabric scraps. 

2.Cut 1/4" slits in the top of each of your 4 paper straws. 

3.Insert your straws into your cake to make a square. 

4.Affix your string into the notches you cut into the top of your straws so it hangs between the straws.

5.Using a little bit of fabric glue, glue your triangles to your strings! 



By Paul Lowe:

When it comes to making simple crafts or elegant meals, Paul Lowe is the man to call. His blog, Sweet Paul has now spun into a successful magazine, providing tons of useful design tips. 

  • Terri

    What an adorable project! I love the idea, especially with striped straws. Also love the extra touch of the pennants around the base of the cake.

  • Mel

    If mentioned your “mormor”- are you Danish or do you have Danish heritage?

  • kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS

    I love smart and accessible designs like this easy to make pennant cake topper. Sweet Paul is awesome!


    love it! where do you find the giant sprinkles for the cake?? thanks!