Take a Breath of White Fresh Air


I know we’re tired of that white stuff, but let’s take a cue from Mother Nature and clear the visual clutter with some white for spring.

Contrary to popular belief, white space is your friend. As graphic designers, we’re taught it’s sacred. Think about a newly painted white wall, a blank page in a notebook or freshly fallen snow. White space gives the eye a place to rest.

In your décor, white space can also be mind clearing. Try some of these pristine products to create the illusion of spaciousness (and some headroom) through the absence of color.

1. Nice Day for Some White Bedding $29-$89 / 2. White Ruffle Throw Pillow $39 / 3. Rags to Riches Rug $129–$399 / 4. Thrilled to be Frilled Sheet Set (White) $16–$129 / 5. Sherbet Stripes Sheet Set $14– $129


1. Bird's Eye Wall Hook $29 / 2. Framed Natural Woodland Wall Art sale $99.95 reg. $159 / 3. A Chandelier Appears Decal sale $22.95 reg. $30 / 4. Lottie Dots Decal sale $19.95 reg. $24.95, each set – 48 dot decals / 5. My Lucky Four-Leaf Mirror $69 / 6. Letters! We've Got Letters! $8.95 ea.

1. High Wire Pendant White $129 / 2. Wow, That's a Big Lamp $299 / 3. White Lace Pendant $199 / 4. Lilliput Lamp White $49


1. Little Felix Chair $69 / 2. Local Branch Library Rolling Book Cart $199 / 3. Here, There, Anywhere Play Table $149 / 4. Jenny Lind Bed White $549-749

1. Little Sloane Leaning Desk & Leaning Bookcase/Bins $149 ea. / 2. Up Against the Wall Shelf, Bin and Paper Holder Collection $19.95 –$35 / 3. White Dotted Cube Bin $19.95

Your palette will be revitalized and ready for a pop of color in our next color post!

By: Julia DeNamur

Growing up Julia loved color so much she gave her crayons different genders and specific positions in the box based on who they got along with. Fast forward to adulthood, and Julia had the opportunity to work for a paint company where she honed her eye for color, and sometimes even got to name colors things like Dandelion Scream and Wild Child. Today Julia works at Nod as a Graphic Designer, and channels her love of color into her constantly changing hair & nail colors, as well as colorful designs for Nod's website.