Holy-Customer Service Batgirl!

…as written by Land of Nod customer for life Jennifer.

Several months ago, a new (the Ellipse) bed appeared on a home decor blog.  While the majority of comments debated the longevity of mid-century-modern decor, I chimed in to briefly mention I had some problems with some of the furniture I had purchase from Nod.

Shortly thereafter, I spied a response to my post from Nod’s Michelle Kohanzo, she included her email and asked that I contact her with more information about my Nod products. I wrote to her and sent pictures of the pieces in my son’s room that had not held up as well as I had hoped.

Michelle wrote back (quickly), earnestly offering to rectify the situation.  She offered to either replace the pieces or exchange them for something else.

WHAT?  Who does this?  This furniture is four years old.  I had to wrap my head around this offer.  While the issues I had (air pockets in the finish and a warping bookcase) could not be blamed on the pre-schooler abuse, never did  occur to me that 4 year old furniture would be replaced.  The offer was so generous, I came close to declining, lest I appear to be taking advantage of the Land of Nod.

I sought the advice of my husband and friends whose sentiments echoed my own.  “What amazing customer service!!!” “What’s the website? “Holy smokes!” “What are you going to do?”

In the end, I decided to exchange the dresser for the new Ellipse 6 drawer dresser and replace the Oak Park bookcase (which, Michelle assured me, was being manufactured by a new company).

One of the leads in Nod’s shipping team contacted me with in a day of this being decided.  On the PHONE!  She gathered my information, and warned me that the new Ellipse dresser would not be shipping to customers for two months.  4-5 weeks later, she phoned again to talk about delivery options.  From there I worked with her team, who were very accommodating, via email.

The Oak Park bookcase remains exactly what we wanted when we bought it:  A nice height and top, which allow us to use the very top shelf for decorative items. It’s solid and sturdy so that our son won’t topple it, lots of space between shelves so that taller books fit with their spines facing out, closed in the back so that dust doesn’t collect on the other side.

The Ellipse dresser is simply stunning. When the delivery men unwrapped it, my mind instantly started making calculations as to where I could put it in my room instead.  Why should a four year-old boy have the most gorgeous piece of furniture in the house!?!


While I’m thrilled with (and still a bit amazed by) this stunning furniture, I am far more in awe of Land of Nod’s customer service.  In my ~30 years of being a devoted shopper, I have never witnessed such dedication to making a customer happy.


Thank you!

Nod Evangelist from Carlsbad Jennifer

  • http://www.ginghamcherry.blogspot.com Catherine

    Impressive! Good customer service is so rare these days that I love to hear this. Bravo to you all!

  • http://www.innovativeelectric.ca/ Brendon Ross

    This is so good to hear. Customer service can completely make or break an experience and unfortunately I’ve had it breaking my experiences. With so many different companies in a saturated market the only thing you can do is differentiate yourself to succeed. And the easiest way to do that is through good customer service:)

    Great post.