Gift Ideas for Little Kids & Big Kids

Once out of toddlerhood, kids start to understand the world better and ask more critical questions.  Sometimes the questions are so deep and layered that I’m shocked that they are coming out of such a young child.  The wheels in my daughter’s brain never stop turning, and coming up with answers to her detailed questions certainly keeps me on my toes.  When she is not trying to unravel all the mysteries of the world, she is just like every other 6 year old, spending hours upon hours playing with her toys. These are some of her favorites. 


1. Bowling Lanes: Family fun for everyone. Great indoor or outdoor activity and there is no threat of damage with the soft construction. 

2. Letters Entertain You:  Develops fine motor skills by matching shapes.

3. Rainbow Markers:  There’s nothing like a brand new, fresh set of markers, no matter how old you are.

4. Teepee:  Everyone loves a fort!

5. Off Broadway Puppet Theater:  Storytelling, for both adults and kids.  Provides an escape from a media-soaked environment, and provides family bonding and imagination.

6. Easel:  Art promotes early forms of communication and social and emotional skills.  Providing a child with their own special art space provides a sense of ownership of the process of their art.  From beginning to end, the art is truly theirs!

7. Slipper Chair and Beanbag:  A place of their very own. Even moms and dads can fit on the 40” beanbag.

8. Strum and Get It:  Teaching a child to play an instrument helps memory retention skills, enhances coordination, and teaches persistence.

9. Agnes:  So delicate and special.

By Jayne Mangione

Jayne has a lot of experience with children as a former elementary school teacher and a mom of two kids. In her job as a customer service specialist at Nod, she offers advice to customers on our wide array of products, 90% of which she and her family already own. A Chicago native, she’s mastered multiple seasons, often in one week, while being able to cite 90’s pop culture and musical references at the drop of a hat.  Speaking of hats, ask her about the time she looked like Blossom.