Old Family Photo Wrapping Paper

At Nod, we believe your home should be a celebration of family. We'll be featuring our Managing Director, Michelle, at home celebrating her own family with recipes, crafts and décor created by our friend Sweet Paul

I just love making my own wrapping paper.  I think it adds a little extra special something to any gift!  You can  use old family photos to make the ultimate customized paper that will surely bring a smile to the faces of new parents at the same time that it pays homage to family and tradition!  



You need:

old photos

printer or a visit to the copy shop

1.Take your photos to a copy center and place them in in the order you want them on the copier bed. 2.Scan or copy and print. 3.Wrap presents and get ready for your loved ones to enjoy!


If you have an all-in-one printer-scanner you can do this easily at home!

By Paul Lowe:

When it comes to making simple crafts or elegant meals, Paul Lowe is the man to call. His blog, Sweet Paul has now spun into a successful magazine, providing tons of useful design tips.