Rethink Pink

Oddly, I didn’t like pink growing up but I’m embracing it as an adult. This month I have bright fuchsia hair that is rapidly fading to a soft pink. I’ve realized pink doesn’t have to be just girly and feminine; it can be strong, nurturing and passionate.



This classic combo is so easy to achieve through our bedding collections and accessories.


1. Antique Chic Bedding $99–$129   Royal Canopy Bed $1,399–$1,599
2. New School Crib Bedding Hop To It $29–$79
3. Extended Stay Bedding Pink $99–$129
4. Giant Sequin Bow $19.95


Seems like an unlikely combination, but it’s a great way to offset pink for a bright room.


1. Fade to Pink Bedding Collection $159-$189
2. Pinky Ball $1.95
3. Padded Lily Rug $299–$699


A wonderful alternative to your basic pink, this peachy pink gives a warm glow.


1. Sleep Patterns Bedding $69–$89
2. Mosaic Paisley Crib Bedding $29–$49
3. Pull Up a Pouf Crocheted $69
4. Bon Voyage Suitcase SALE $15.95 reg. $19.95/set of 3


Probably my favorite of all the pinks due to its vibrancy in hue. Don’t be afraid to use this variation in large or small doses like sheets.


1. Fine Prints Crib Bedding Pink Hearts $24–$79
2. Pixel Paisley Bedding $159–$189  As You Wish Upholstered Bed, Seeing Spots Noir $899–$1,099
3. Neon Pink Sheet Set $59–$99
4. Little Slipper Chair $299
5. Checkmate Table Base $59  Light Years Table Shade Hot Pink $19.95
6. Bands of Gold Sham $29


Remember, you can start small with accents and curtains. Although, you might be confident and ready for pink bedding, walls and rugs! Embrace pink.


By: Julia DeNamur

Growing up Julia loved color so much she gave her crayons different genders and specific positions in the box based on who they got along with. Fast forward to adulthood, and Julia had the opportunity to work for a paint company where she honed her eye for color, and sometimes even got to name colors things like Dandelion Scream and Wild Child. Today Julia works at Nod as a Graphic Designer, and channels her love of color into her constantly changing hair & nail colors, as well as colorful designs for Nod's website.