The Story Behind Our May Catalog Cover

When we first laid our eyes on this photo from writer/photographer Kelle Hampton, we knew we had to use it for our catalog cover. And, after hearing the story behind the photo in Kelle’s own words, we knew we had to share it with you.


“It was a moment that took me by surprise—not that I hadn’t anticipated tearing up when my eldest daughter met her new brother, but I guess I hadn’t prepared for exactly what that scene would look like—a completely breathtaking display of love.  For all the preparation I had given her those last months of my pregnancy—holding up my hands to show how he’d be “about this big,” describing how babies cried, demonstrating with dolls how newborns needed to be held with their heads safely supported—I couldn’t have expected the instant and natural way my little girl mothered her baby brother the moment he was placed in her arms.  From my hospital bed I watched as my daughter protectively embraced my new son, slowly and silently bringing her nose to his until they touched.  And they stayed like that for a good minute while I wiped tears from my cheeks and reached for my camera.  Here she just met him and yet suddenly, he belonged to her.  I knew then I need not stress over how we’d all adjust to a new baby or what we’d have to do to ensure everyone felt loved.  We’d figure it out. 

Instantly, instinctively, he fit into the spaces of our lives that were waiting for him.  Where there is family, there is love.” – Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton is the photographer and writer behind Enjoying the Small Things, the award-winning blog where she weaves together photography and words to share with fellow life enthusiasts. She currently resides in Naples, Florida with her family. 

  • MJ @parscaeli

    Kelle is so talented! I love hopping over to her blog to see the amazing photography. xoxo, MJ

  • Katherine | Gathered Heart

    Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest thing ever!

  • chris

    So disappointed in LON. I won’t be shopping with you anymore if these are the sort of affiliations you pursue. This woman is a fake. In the story listed above she says one thing but you can easily read the “birth story” she posted to the blog and it says another. She can’t keep her lies straight. Bad marketing move LON.

  • Jill Palumbo

    I’m so sad to read these comments. Kelle’s blog is one of the sweetest, most heartwarming blogs out there. I look forward to her stories and pictures with great anticipation. And as for naked pictures – there are zillions of blogs with pictures very similar. They are babies, for gosh sakes. I became a huge follower of land if nod and crate and barrel today. Thank you for featuring this wonderful family.

  • MrsL

    What the hell is wrong with you people? I am sad for you people that spend your time comparing and trying to “catch” this poor woman in a “lie” about HER birth story. Fine, you don’t like her because you can’t handle the fact that she is positive or you think that she’s not “real”…maybe the world needs a little more of kelle hampton’s viewpoint and less of all the negative-nancies out there tearing her down. I wish you could see and understand how pathetic you people seem Not to mention, how terrible and fantastically judgemental you all seem. I would much rather my children be around a “liar” like kelle Hampton than small minded, judgemental negative people…why try to tear her down…what good does that do you? These comments and your terrible bullying is a clear example of all that is wrong with the world today. So sad

  • KelleAid

    Jill–zillions of blogs with naked pictures of children? The FBI would be interested in those!

  • Carolynn

    I have never purchased from Land of Nod before, but will now. Any business supporting extraordinary children and the families raising them is a business I will support. A long time follower of this blog, I have seen this kind of internet “terrorism” before–it is organized, intentional and cruel. It is filled with lies. It is the same strain that bullies young teens to withdrawal and suicide. It is often the same person manufacturing new identities with the speed of light–but born of darkness. Beautiful cover. Don’t be bullied, Land of Nod, this is wonderful!

  • Tammy

    I didn’t even know Crate and Barrel had a children’s line–but I’ll be a regular customer now! Thank you for featuring photos of a family who have helped me to see “special needs” differently. I’ve just joined your faithfuls and will be shopping you now–I love the inside of the catalog as well!!!

  • Meg

    Regarding naked pictures of children/babies:

    Would you take naked pictures of your children and knock on sex offenders doors and hand them out?? No? That is essentially what people are doing when posting naked pictures of children online. Those photos are saved and passed around to those sick people who do not view the photos innocently.

    Kelle has no shame when exploiting situations regarding her children. She does not protect these precious children she uses them to fund her life.

  • chris

    Is LON moderating comments??? Wow, now I’m even more disappointed.

  • Amy

    I love her. And her blog. And land of nod. Whoop!

  • Sorry here

    I am sorry, I had a negative comment earlier and have learned I was wrong and too quick to judge. A friend who actually knows Kelle and whose blog I also follow shared with me that this beautiful photograph was captured at a later time when her daughter asked to stay with her mom alone. The tears were at this moment. The other little girl was tired and went home. All these accusations about lying are wrong. Sadly, there is a pretty well organized group who just click on new comments over and over and change their names each time. I was sucked into that group. Not anymore. Again, I am very sorry. I will learn the facts before I spew criticism.

  • jessee

    What’s really sick is this mob mentality exhibited in most of these comments. And I’ve never heard a more ridiculous claim than the one that the picture of Nella is inappropriate. Shame on all of you for cowardly attacking someone on the freaking internet!

  • rebekah

    I am so baffled by some of these critics! I am so amused by the irony in “these women don’t know her but think they do and are rabid fans” when you are the exact opposite, which in essence makes you the same. You don’t know her but go out of your way to attack. It was because of people like you that I even bought her book. I had read a few blog posts through fb shares but never really knew much about her but after these comments on Amazon about how vile the book is and how she whines for 300pages and was pooor me the whole time i was shocked. What a surprise that it was so untrue! I found it to be honest and hard to read at first but that’s because of the raw emotion. I actually think i would be the same way. My newest bebe had markers for downs. We debated over and ovrr on whether to ha e an amnio only because i would want to know and be prepared. I have a friend who did not find out till birth and it was a shock for her as well. She HAD to mourn the loss of what she was expecting, let herself feel jealous of the other moms in the ward that night. And then wake up and love her daughter. She is now one of the biggest ds advocates ever. She is inspiring and amazing. So to me, knowing someone who went thru this, kelle’s account is pretty similar. I do t follow any mommy bloggers religiously (I have 3 kids a d don’t have the time… I’m typing this poorly on my phone while my son nurses so I apologize. I promise I’m literate! !!) But understand how in this day and age how they fit in to product placement and advertising. So it doesn’t make sense to me why people are all ruffled! !!! And lastly. … yes. I take pics of EVERYTHING. It is one of the first thoughts i have for everything i see. Cute things, sad things, funny or happy. Mundane too! I document my kids life. My kids adore looking at pictures from when they were babies or even before! If someone wanted to give me money to do it I’d jump!!!! Because my fb and ig look about the same as kelle’s already. As a. Sahm who loves being able to be there for my children all the time the income would be awesome! (Oh sorry. One more. I have retold my kids births a billion times. I realize that some details may change in my mind maybe from distance or other accounts or maybe just because I saw a picture. Seriously. … relax. )

  • Never heard of Land of Nod

    I too never heard of this line–though I have purchased from and been very pleased with the product line of Crate and Barrel. I’ll be buying now, just because you’re planning to have Nella Hampton on the cover. Please don’t be discouraged by these commenters who threaten and attack. They will always be in our world. They have some crusade and will just hover here. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

  • KelleAid

    This baby has had ONE day when he wasn’t featured on Kelle’s IG. ONE day of his life when he wasn’t exploited. ONE day where he wasn’t paraded around with Kelleaid drinkers gawking at him. ONE day. He has had ONE day off since he was born.

  • Rachael

    I’m kind I shocked at these comments. I am not famous. I put pictures up of my kids every day. My kids don’t get a “day off”. I’m a proud momma and I want to be able to remember all the little details. As I’m sure Kelle does. Why does being a proud mom and posting pics everyday have to make her some evil woman who is just after money?? As for them being “staged”..who hasn’t staged their kids for a good photo?? PS…raising awareness for DS like she has is helping out!!