Toddler Gifts

Once your baby transforms into a toddler, the game really changes!  I know my kids were absolutely fascinated by the world around them, and I had to work overtime to keep up with all of their questions.  I always found it helpful to have talking points to help explain why things were the way they were, and we often had long conversations that stemmed from our wide variety of toys.  These are some of the toys that helped my kids develop their ever-growing vocabularies and helped to broaden their horizons. 


Toddler Gifts:

1. Big Box of Colorful Blocks:  Absolutely Gorgeous. Hand crafted heirloom piece that your grandkid’s grandkids will use.

 2. Curious George In The Box:  SURPRISE!  Great for cause and effect and activating prior knowledge.

3. Crocodile Rocker: Great for developing large motor skills as kids climb up on it and as they demonstrate mastery of balance while they rock back and forth.

4. Nod Blocks:  A CLASSIC! Stimulates children’s minds and offers a variety of developmental activities, from learning the alphabet to understanding the spatial relationships between objects.

5. Nod Chair:  Story Time, Rest Time, Play Time!  Everyone loves a (personalized) space of their own.

6. Rainbow Stacker:  Great for early problem solving development. As the puzzle is built, any piece placed out of order disrupts the triangular shape of the toy, and prompts redirection.  On the other hand, this toy also promotes abstract art when the circles are placed however the child pleases.

7. Gummy Bear Nightlight:  Eases fear of the dark, plus kids can invite it into bed and have a sleepover with it.

8. Personalized Growth Charts:  Personalization makes it extra special; this is a gift that literally grows with your child.

9. Abacus:  Letters + numbers + counting = early literacy skills. Provides consistent repetition, making it perfect for aspiring mathematicians and grammarians alike.

By Jayne Mangione

Jayne has a lot of experience with children as a former elementary school teacher and a mom of two kids. In her job as a customer service specialist at Nod, she offers advice to customers on our wide array of products, 90% of which she and her family already own. A Chicago native, she’s mastered multiple seasons, often in one week, while being able to cite 90’s pop culture and musical references at the drop of a hat.  Speaking of hats, ask her about the time she looked like Blossom.