Who’s That Noddie? Volume 4

Woot! It’s time for another installment of Who’s That Noddie? This time we are super excited to introduce you to Tim Piper who is an uber talented graphic designer for us here at Nod.  We are sure you have seen his awesome work on our exclusive bedding and toy packaging, not to mention a gazillion other products we carry. Tim’s talent and sense of humor is one-of- a-kind, and we are some very lucky ducks to have him on our team.


Why do you love your job?

There is always something new and fun to design, whether it is product packaging for toys or window displays for our stores. Definitely never bored at work!


What’s your favorite Nod memory?

This is tough one. I would say that it’s a tie between my first day on the job and every Ugly Sweater Holiday Party.

What’s something unique or surprising about you?

People always find it surprising that I am a designer, but also happen to be pretty color blind.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

 I loved Jurassic Park toys (and still do).


What do you love most about working for The Land of Nod?

The best thing about Nod to me is nothing creatively speaking is ever set in stone. We are a constantly evolving brand, and as a designer it is very rewarding to be part of a company that is always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd.


How is your role impactful to the company?

 As a member of the creative team, our work is literally front and center everywhere in the company. We are more or less responsible for the “face” of Nod (and keeping it pretty!).

What's your favorite Nod product?

Furniture – Ansel Table / Everything else – Letters Entertain You Puzzle.


Thanks Tim for the awesome chat! We hope you enjoyed this installment of Who’s That Noddie? Be sure to stop back by Honest to Nod to check out plenty more about our team at The Land of Nod in the upcoming weeks.

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    We love Jurassic Park too! And we adore talented people…