Fire Station Play Nook Before & After

When we were on the hunt for office space, an old 1930’s firehouse was being decommissioned and sold to the public.  PERFECT!  It felt like an omen.  A sign.  Is there anything cooler than working out of an old firehouse?  No.  No, there is not. The problem with an old firehouse, however, is that it was in really rough shape.  Like, really rough shape.  More than seventy years of being inhabited by men {and a few women} had taken its toll on the old building and removed any element of ‘cute.’  To start, Mr. Hedin gutted and rebuilt an entirely new kitchen for me to use as a studio and it’s become our little ‘home away from home.’  


After months of remodeling, the decorating part felt overwhelming.   So when Land of Nod asked if there was anything they could add to the space, I almost cried.  Yes!  My children are at the firehouse constantly while I work, and usually they are helping.  But to have other things for them to do while I cook, craft, or surf Pinterest would be amazing.  


We brainstormed, we pinned, we came up with the most awesome little play nook for the children.  Now, they have their own space.  And it’s almost impossible to get them to go home.  


By Alexandra Hedin:

As a lifestyle and entertaining expert, this mother of three constantly juggles her life at home with her life at the office.  See more of Alexandra's decorating tips & recipes at Alexandra