It’s Easy Bein’ Green


I love green as an alternative to yellow for a couple that’s waiting for a surprise on their newborn’s birthday. Green creates a zen nursery palette with all its tints and shades from nature. It lends itself easily to bamboo and wood as well if that is your taste. 


After the little one is born, you can embellish the room with pink or navy accents that blend beautifully with your sanctuary. The benefits of registering with Nod are amazing. It’s so easy for your friends and family to help build that serene nursery of your dreams. Click here to start your baby registry.



Little Slipper Chair, Hot Pink/White | Lightly Striped Baby Blanket, Pink | Gummy Bear Nightlight, Pink 


Coastline Table Lamp, Blue | Pull Up a Pouf, Blue Braided | Retrobot Wall Art, Blue  

If you need help getting inspired, click here for our Eye Candy page.

By: Julia DeNamur

Growing up Julia loved color so much she gave her crayons different genders and specific positions in the box based on who they got along with. Fast forward to adulthood, and Julia had the opportunity to work for a paint company where she honed her eye for color, and sometimes even got to name colors things like Dandelion Scream and Wild Child. Today Julia works at Nod as a Graphic Designer, and channels her love of color into her constantly changing hair & nail colors, as well as colorful designs for Nod's website.